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There are many wonderful books in your child’s school library media center and Pike County students love to read! I hope you will choose for your child to participate in our library program and will agree to assist your child in taking responsibility for checked out materials.


In an effort to inform you about your child’s Lexile levels and help you determine if your child is reading on grade level, please see our benchmark goals for students below:


  • By the end of 2nd grade, student reads at a 550 Lexile or higher.
  • By the end of 1st grade, student reads at a 350 Lexile or higher.
  • By the end of Kindergarten, student reads at a 100 Lexile or higher.


Lexile levels are marked on the spine of each of our books.


The following information shows how many books per grade each student is allowed to check out during the school year:


  • Second Graders may check out 2 books and may take home.
  • First Graders may check out 1-2 books and may take home.
  • Kindergartners may check out 1 book and may or may not take home.

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